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Limited run of 50
High detail print.
297 x 420mm, 250gm card

This is my representation of Medb. In Irish mythology she is known for having a thirst for battle and violence. And very much stands out in the story "The Brown Bull of Cooley". In that, she was fighting against Irish mythological hero Cúchulainn and the warriors of Ulster, so is hated by many. Outside of that story, it is said she was the incarnation of the Goddess Medb. With so many enemies, she of course came to a very violent end. While bathing in a lake, she was murdered by slingshot. Her enemies still feared her even while she was naked with no weapons. It took her killer to sneak up and kill her from quite a distance while she was bathing in an island pool on Lough Ree. If you look closely, I have a hidden figure, the killer in silhouette, behind the ogham stone. You can see the whites of their eyes, waiting to make their kill.

The legend is that she is buried in a 40-foot high stone cairn on top of Knocknarea (Cnoc na Ré) in County Sligo. Buried upright facing her enemies in Ulster.